PRESS RELEASE: Social Engagement Scales Fundraising Efforts During Pandemic; Toronto-Based Nonprofit First to Leverage Grapevine6 Content Engagement Technology

COVID-19 is seriously impeding fundraising efforts for many nonprofit organizations and Grapveine6 is supporting these organizations in their social engagement efforts by donating training and access to the Grapevine6 enterprise content engagement platform and social publishing app at no charge during this period. Providence Healthcare Foundation is the first organization to benefit from this donation program.

New Challenges

With the state of the world and the dubious prospects for the next few months, many not-for-profit organizations experience significant difficulties with their fundraising programs since direct outreach and community events channels are currently unavailable. A lot of private businesses are now adapting to the situation by moving their business online, but most charitable organizations lack access to the same level of technology.

The lifeblood of every not-for-profit organization is community engagement. Building awareness, cultivating advocacy, nurturing ever-greater enthusiasm for the mission and, of course, raising critical funds are all inherently personal endeavors.

Critical to success is strengthening relationships with donors, a task made very difficult as the world endures unprecedented strains on our healthcare system, economic wellbeing, and ability to gather in groups as we have historically done.

New Opportunities for Charitable Organizations

With personal distancing and other Coronavirus-related quarantine practices affecting the foreseeable future, fundraising organizations are forced to prioritize digital channels, leaning into social engagement to expand fundraising reach and awareness. Using social networks to reach and educate the local community about fundraising opportunities not only drives donations, but enhances brand awareness and contributes to community building, creating social solidarity in the face of the pandemic.

Social engagement creates opportunities to expand fundraising reach and awareness, but a personal touch still makes the difference. Grapevine6's technology and support enable both.

Early Adopters

Providence Healthcare Foundation provides support to the patients, residents, clients, staff and volunteers of Providence Healthcare. They focus on four main areas: rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs. Patients of the nonprofit healthcare facility are recovering stroke victims, amputees, and others suffering from complex medical conditions. Their mission is to help these individuals go home as quickly as possible and integrate back into their communities.

In late 2019 Brian Cook, Chief Revenue Officer for Grapevine6, visited Providence Healthcare and was struck by the incredible work being done at the hospital. During his tour he learned the Foundation relied on traditional methods to conduct community outreach and fundraising. He saw an opportunity for the Foundation to enhance digital engagement with their community on social media and offered to help by donating his company's Content Management Platform software.
"We're still in the very early stages of leveraging a social engagement approach to relationship building, but we're really beginning to find our rhythm and excited to be able to build more robust relationships online with existing and prospective donors," says Angela La Gamba, Digital & Social Media Specialist for Providence Healthcare Foundation. "What we most enjoy about the program is being able to send out personalized content to our existing audience with the click of a button," she noted.

Angela La Gamba
Digital and Social Media Specialist, Providence Healthcare Foundation
Helping Not-For-Profits Promote Fundraising During COVID-19

The Grapevine6 team recognizes the challenges facing the fundraising industry. To that end, the company is donating training and access to the enterprise content engagement platform and social publishing app at no charge during this pandemic period. If your nonprofit organization is interested in tapping Grapevine6's social engagement platform for fundraising, please contact Paul Odnoletkov [email protected]

About Providence Healthcare Foundation

Since 1987, Providence Healthcare Foundation has worked with generous donors and the community to raise essential funds for Providence Healthcare, a leader in providing rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs in Toronto. The Foundation is one of the few Canadian charities to achieve the prestigious accreditation from Imagine Canada's Standards Program:

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