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With technology changing at warp-speed, competitive advantage is now
As a technology company, your success depends on being seen as a front-runner, innovator and champion of change. Customers and employees – the best and brightest talent – want to work with cutting-edge thought leaders in their field. One great way to show that leadership is through digital selling. That's where Grapevine6 comes in.

"At SAP, we recognized the opportunities provided by social selling for reaching new markets and customers in a time where traditional methods such as cold calling are becoming outdated. Grapevine6 has been adopted widely across our Sales and Marketing teams because it is an enjoyable and easy-to-use tool for finding good content to publish and build your personal brand. We have seen significant improvements in our social selling metrics on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook thanks to Grapevine6. These improvements have resulted in financial gains as well!"

Phil Lurie, VP Sales Technology, SAP

Mobile-first design
Post whenever you want, wherever you are.

Optimize the data sent.

Mobile-best features, like touch and geolocation.
Get engagement
Determine the most engaging topics and publishers.

Add more effective first-party
content to the mix.
SaaS model
Easy to deploy, easy to setup.

Scale up fast.
Reports you'll use
Measure and manage: what content is working and where.

User adoption reporting: track your team's buy-in; coach and promote to boost success.
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