The digital selling tool for
every type of business.

No matter how large or small your business, Grapevine6 enhances your ability to connect with your customers and prospects by sharing timely and relevant content.
Ideal for small teams – business, professional or other – who want to build their personal or business brand, work more effectively, and get measurable return for their social media efforts

"Grapevine6 is an incredible tool for understanding and proactively managing my digital and social brand. When I first started using it I was surprised to learn what my brand consisted of and appreciated the ability to change my messaging using timely and relevant content delivered by the platform.

The ability to do this for my personal and professional brand, as well as for my business, is a game changer. Add in access to content in multiple languages and I'm able to share valuable content with prospects and clients across the globe. Less than 5-minutes a day on the mobile app is all I need to keep my digital presence current, meaningful and growing!"

Ray Adamson, President, Adamson Advisory Group Ltd.

Size up your social footprint

Intelligent real-time analytics on your personal social brand – what you're saying and how your audience is engaging – so you can understand what's working and where to go from here.

Everywhere you need to be, all at once
Share content on all your most important social accounts – all at once. Easy, efficient and effective.

Best-of-the-best new
content, every day
Thousands of articles curated around the clock, around the world, so you have content worth sharing, no matter what the topic.
Capitalize on your own content
You choose what content you want to schedule for the week, and we do the rest. Our system's sophisticated intelligence determines the optimal time and date to publish, to get maximum reader impact.
Add to the conversation
Edit feature lets you add insights and call-to-action comments on your posts, and customize the networks for shares.
Simple, one-tap scheduling
You choose what content you want to schedule for the week, and we do the rest. Our system's sophisticated intelligence determines the optimal time and date to publish, to get maximum reader impact.
Reporting that works
for you
Comprehensive analytics and reporting shows what content, and what publishers, are working best for you. And user adoption reporting shows how much your team is buying into – and getting out of – this powerful tool.
Anywhere, anytime
Mobile-first design means you can pick and post whenever you like, wherever you are. Easy and convenient. Mobile, desktop … you decide.
More languages, more opportunities
Content is curated in six different languages, so you can break down barriers and get your audience at ease and engaged, every post.
Train the team
Our easy learning tools and train-the-trainer sessions will help your team master the application's intuitive features and functions and quickly see the value of social media in their world. And our optional education programs can help the team master the power of true digital selling.
Compliance in every post
Every post is checked against regulatory, policy and security rules to ensure brand safety and manage risk.
Leads delivered right to you
Opportunities identified from high-net-worth, money-in-motion news and events are packaged and routed directly to you for action. Go from cold calls to warm, meaningful conversations.
Social education
We can provide in-depth training and education on the power of digital selling and marketing, so your team can unleash the full extent of Grapevine6's potential.
Share one-to-one
Create interest graphs for select readers so you can get curated content to share just with them, based on their specific interests.
For small groups or business teams
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