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Deliver content that keeps consumers coming back
In a world where the lines between in-store and online shopping continue to blur, retailers can only succeed by embracing social media as an integral part of their sales platform. To capture more market share, retailers must stand out as making merchandising easy, timely and relevant. By using customer data from your social network to drive content curation, you can share timely, relevant information about your products, and play an important and influential role in their shopping experience.

"With more and more of the buyer's journey happening online, we needed new tools to target a new type of buyer. With Grapevine6, we're able to find relevant content and monitor prospects so we can stay top of mind with our customers when traditional sales tactics can't reach them."

Aldo Cundari, Chairman, CEO, Cundari Group Ltd.
Thousands of new articles added every hour
Always find the most relevant content no matter what the interest. See what and where clients are reading so you can go where they are.
Integrate with Shopify
Add Grapevine6 directly to your Shopify web page and automatically share timely articles, relevant to your products, that keep shoppers coming back again and again. Save time, impress your customers, outsmart your competitors.
Reports that mean business
Get reports that show your web traffic attributable to your digital selling program and track your ROI to ensure maximum results.
SaaS model
Minimal set-up required, so you can deploy and scale up quickly and easily.
Mobile-first design
Post whenever you want, wherever you are.

Convenient time-saver, no extra resources needed.
Share content in any of six languages
Share content in your customers' own language to get their attention and build more exclusive relationships.
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