COVID-19 has changed how we socialize and how we conduct business, changed it forever. The transformation of businesses to employ more digital communications was always good idea, but it was never an urgent one. Now it is a pressing issue, and as we were shown over the last few weeks, we are not exactly prepared to fully embrace it. The spread of the virus seemingly outpaced the adoption of social and digital communication for many businesses, as they had to figure out working from home policies, external and internal communications and the new ways to close deals - all as part of business continuity under the regulatory quarantine. 3 months ago digital marketing communication and selling was a nice-to-have program. It is not optional anymore.

We adapt and we learn. Because of Coronavirus we are now accelerating the change, digital transformation is happening more rapidly, and we are also uncovering a lot of new challenges. And in the larger context of digital communication, these challenges are not going away after COVID-19 does: how do we cut through the noise, how do we sound authentic, how do we provide relevant content.

Marketing technology has already been in transformation for decades, and it allowed marketing to become a sales enabler, and today with the use of AI it can address these issues and streamline digital transformation of sales. To learn more on this topic, read this article by Grapveine6 Marketing Director, Paul Odnoletkov.

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