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Grapevine6 is a game changer for anyone looking to make new contacts, create a unique and authentic voice, and build deeper and richer relationships. With Grapevine6's personalized digital content platform, you can connect with your audience in new and powerful ways – online, on mobile or in person.

Grapevine6 finds and curates timely, trusted third-party content that works for your brand and your audience, and adds your own expert content to the mix. And it publishes where you want, when you want.

Grapevine6 searches thousands of articles from thousands of sources – around the clock and around the world – so you have the most relevant and reliable content ready to use. You don't have to find it – it finds you. You just pick and post the best articles to complement your own personal, professional or corporate content, and that's it! Just a few clicks and a few minutes a week and you'll take customer connections to a whole new level of value.
Content that counts
Advanced artificial intelligence and automatic scheduling lets you work smarter, get more done, and open more doors to people that matter. Grapevine6 analyzes your personal digital profile – your interests and what you've posted for your audience in the past – then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. You choose which of the selected articles to share, and they're automatically posted to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts at the right time. Or you can share them one-to-one with those you really want to wow.

Leads that get somewhere
Grapevine6 scans thousands of articles for money-in-motion news and events that involve high-net worth individuals, and turns that information into targeted revenue opportunities just for you. A quick prompt and debrief from Grapevine6 and you've got what you need to take action and change a cold-call into a content-rich contact.

The world in your pocket
With our mobile-first approach, Grapevine6 makes digital selling fast and simple, anywhere, anytime. Use your smartphone to sign into your Grapevine6 app and access your posts, data and powerful tools whenever and wherever you like. And our one-touch platform means your job just got a whole lot easier.
Look your best, every post
Join the conversation, engage your audience and show your value with every post by using the edit feature to add context, your own insights and call-to-action messages.
Talk their language
Make your connections even more personal by sharing content in your audience's own language. Grapevine6 curates content in six different languages, so you can break down barriers and build trust every time you share.
Your friends will tell their friends
With Grapevine6's access to crucial peer-to-peer networks, you'll get your content out to the right circles at the right time, and your friends will pass it on. Turn engaging content – personal, professional, corporate and curated – into peer endorsements that you can convert into business opportunities.
Expert-led training, custom coaching
With our training program, you and your team will learn to harness the power of Grapevine6 to build leads, pipeline and revenue. Continuous coaching will focus on how to give value to get the right attention, engagement and response.

You can deliver the training, or we can take the job off your hands and save you time and resources.
No set-up required
With Grapevine6's SaaS delivery model, we host the software so there's no set-up required. You save time and money: no need to take resources away from your business. Just log in, scale up and start posting right away.
Watch the Dashboard
For teams and enterprises, Grapevine6's deep analytics and comprehensive reporting mean that you can look at the thousands of engagements you've created and measure the impact on your business. And you can track which publications are viewed most, so you can make the most of your media buying budget.

For individuals, understanding which types of content are getting greatest results means that you can adjust your interest profile to laser-target your posts and make them all count. And you can add or change the networks you post to, so you're reaching the people that matter most.

Keeping you secure and compliant
Grapevine6 partners with some of the world's leading compliance experts to manage social media risk, so you can confidently manage your brand safety and control your message.

Compliance in every post
The compliance engine identifies, remediates and archives all social profile content, posts, comments, files, images and Web links that could create risk – in real-time. Regulatory, policy and security compliance are all monitored with pre-built content categories, policies and reports. Within minutes, you can apply policy for your industry, as well as regulations such as FINRA, FDA, HIPAA, FCA, FTC, SEC, IIROC and others. The compliance engine then triggers alerts and/or deletes content whenever it detects a violation.

Seamless archiving
Our compliance partners seamlessly integrate with leading archiving solutions to intelligently collect and classify social media content for future search and eDiscovery. And they archive contextual information, including remediation workflow and content classification, which saves you time and money during an audit.
100% secure
Your data and business history are monitored and maintained by our dedicated security staff to ensure it stays 100% secure.

Works well with others
With seamless links to other services, such as Sales Cloud, the NexJ CRM, and Broadridge Advisor Solutions websites, Grapevine6 brings it all together to make it easy for businesses and their salesforces. Our services can also be integrated with your existing digital infrastructure.

The social selling tool for every type of business
Grapevine6 serves businesses big and small, from corner start-ups to large financial institutions around the world.
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For individuals who want richer, more effective personal social media pages

For small teams – independent or within an enterprise – who want to work more effectively and boost their social media ROI
For large organizations that want to drive their social media, web and online channels to a new level of business and customer value

Let us help you grow your business
Our business team can help simplify your operations and set you up with the right solution for your business needs.