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Turn insurance shoppers into faithful followers
As an insurance professional in today's wired world, you're constantly competing with the noise from myriad digital channels. To cut through that noise and engage with your customers and prospects, you need to be seen as a valued expert in your community. That means staying informed, reacting to new industry information, and sharing it in a way your customers can trust. With Grapevine6, we can help you build that expert credibility and at the same time show the 'real you' – your personality, your interests and the things that make you a stand-out. Minimal work, maximum impact on your business – that's Grapevine6's promise to you.
"Not only is Grapevine6 a cutting edge technology that allows our financial representatives to showcase their individual brands using compliant content, but the entire Grapevine6 team has also been a fantastic partner at every stage of our implementation. The team truly understands our needs and has been responsive to all our requirements, from configuration all the way through to training."

Beth Wood, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Guardian Life
All of the value, none of the work
We curate third-party content and add your own expert content as you choose. Just a few quick taps a week and you've got it!
Thousands of new articles added every hour
Always find the most relevant content no matter what the interest. See what and where clients are reading so you can go where they are.
Get leads, build your book
Get high-net-worth leads, generated through money-in-motion news articles, delivered right to your inbox.

Choose which ones to pursue, add them to your CRM system and join the conversation at the right time to get the best results.
Content in six languages
Share content with your customers in their own language – break down barriers, build up trust.
Manage your message, build your brand
Build your reputation by listening to clients' needs and goals, staying informed, sharing relevant content, giving smarter advice, and creating client advocacy.
Proven social education tailored to you
Comprehensive skills training and
digital selling education has proven ROI results. Education programs are tailored to specific needs, goals and knowledge levels.
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