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1. To download Grapevine6 to your Apple or Android device, simply click the App Store or Google Play icon below (from your smartphone) and then install the app. To access the desktop version click "SIGN IN" at the top of this page.

Enter your social network credentials
2. Once you've installed the app, click the app icon and it will open to the login page where you can enter your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter credentials (login with one, two or all three social networks).

You're all set!

You don't need to tell the app which topics interests you, it'll generate an interest graph
(find it in the app menu) which is your own personal DNA of the content you can share.

Share content
3. Now you can tap suggested posts in the menu and start sharing content directly to your social networks.
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Grapevine6 delivers the content you need to engage your prospects and clients.