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Getting Started

  • My company is really complicated! Does Grapevine6 help us get this all set up?

    Absolutely! Our Professional Services team are experts at getting product deployed, programs up and running, and administrators / program managers ready to go. Our Client Success team takes it from there, helping you and your team every step of the way. And of course we have a Support team standing by if you need immediate help with anything. We’ve got you 🙂 

  • The Basics

  • How is Grapevine6 different from other content curation software?

    Grapevine6’s patented AI technology looks at more than 150,000 pieces of content, from more than 11,000 publishers, every day. Each user is served a highly-personalized and completely adjustable stream of content that best fits their interests and the needs of the markets they sell or serve. They also have one or more streams of content from their marketing team, and the ability to search libraries of corporate content. This makes it easy for every user to share highly relevant, current content. No more lookalike sharing. No more stale content. No more time spent finding the ideal corporate and third-party content for each user and their clients.

  • Is Grapevine6 just for large enterprises?

    Most client firms are quite large, with hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of client-facing salespeople, consultants, wealth managers, commercial bankers, or insurance professionals. Grapevine6 is a critical element of many enterprise sales enablement, social selling, digital sales, and social media marketing programs.

  • What sort of companies use Grapevine6?

    Most Grapevine6 clients are in Wealth Management, Insurance, Banking, Professional Services, and B2B Technology. All are industries in which relationships and trust are critical, and where field forces that build credible, authentic engagement tend to outperform those that do not.

  • Why do most emloyeee advocacy programs fail to achieve traction and impact?

    Most employee advocacy platforms only make the company’s own content available for sharing on social media. This tends to result in low levels of employee adoption (because it’s not clear what’s in it for them) and low levels of network engagement (because people who only talk about themselves and their company aren’t very intereresting). Some platforms include third-party content, but generally not enough to provide fresh, relevant content for each user.

  • Why is social engagement an important part of marketing?

    People engage with, and do business with, people that they know, respect, and trust. Leading firms now recognize that their brand lives at the edge of the organization. It lives in the personal brand, the reputation, and the convesations of every client-facing employee. It’s no longer enough to rely on centralized communication and advertising channels to get the word out about the great work your firm does. Modern marketing success comes from empowering every employee to show up, speak up, nurture new and existing relationships, and spark conversations on social media.

  • Is Grapevine6 a social selling platform?

    Grapevine6 is a social engagement platform for sales. Social engagement encompasses many of the same mindsets and activities as social selling, but with some critical additional benefits too. SAP, the global technology firm with the world’s largest social selling program, uses two tools: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Grapevine6. Together with an in-house training program this is the backbone of their highly-impactful social selling capabilities.

  • Is Grapevine6 an employee advocacy platform?

    Grapevine6 is a social engagement platform for sales. Social engagement encompasses all that an employee advocacy platform does and much more too. The ultimate win for our clients is enabling their people to establish authentic thought leadership in their areas of focus, create valuable new relationships, strengthen existing relationships, spark conversations, and grow their book of business.

  • Product

  • How can we measure social media engagement using Grapevine6?

    Grapevine6 provides powerful analytics and reporting at the user, the team, and the company level. Every user and every administrator / program manager has access to clear metrics on activity, engagement, impact, top-performing assets, top-performing topic areas and much more. This is a critical element of maintaining user engagement, driving continuous improvement, and demonstrating impact.

  • Is Grapevine6 available on mobile and desktop?

    Yes. Grapevine6 is mobile-first and fully desktop compatible. Wherever and however your users and administrators choose to work, our tools are easy to use.

  • How long do users spend using Grapevine6?

    Grapevine6 is an extremely flexible tool that meets the needs of users of all types. Many users spend five minutes setting up their entire week. Others use it every day. There’s no one right way to use fresh, relevant content to build your book of business.

  • What social media platforms does Grapevine6 share to?

    LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at this time.

  • Does Grapevine6 also support content sharing by email and SMS / text?

    Yes. Grapevine6 users can share one-to-many on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and one-to-one or one-to-few throuh email and SMS / text messaging.

  • Risk Management And Compliance​

  • Is Grapevine6 a content curation platform or compliance software or both?

    Grapevine6 is a content curation and digital communication platform that enables financial services professionals, salespeople, professional services professionals and others to engage on social media and in other digital communication platforms with purpose and confidence. We have strong partnerships and powerful integrations with Proofpoint and with SafeGuard Cyber to meet the varying security, compliance, and archiving needs of each of our clients.

  • Is Grapevine6 only for regulated industries?

    No. Many of our clients are in regulated industries, but risk management is a very real issue in non-regulated industries as well. Every firm needs to protect the integrity of their brand and needs to ensure that their people post and engage on social media in appropriate ways. Grapevine6 provides highly customizable ways of protecting your reputation while empowering your people to engage with purpose and confidence.

  • How does compliance monitoring work?

    Grapevine6 partners and fully integrates with the two preeminant compliance and risk management platforms, Proofpoint and SafeGuard Cyber. Every client’s requirements and preferences are different, and we work with all parties to ensure every aspect of their social engagement platform meets their compliance and risk management needs.

  • Is Grapevine6 compliant with industry regulations?

    Grapevine6 is compliant with industry regulations including FINRA, FCA, FFIEC, IIROC, SEC, PCI, AMF, and MiFID II requirements.

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