Grapevine6 is a finalist at Dreampitch. Watch us compete on May 3, 2018.
Grapevine6 has been selected as a finalist In the first ever Dreampitch Salesforce World Tour Toronto. Our platform stood out as a well thought-out, innovative, and unique idea and we're thrilled to be presenting in front of judges from Canada's tech elite as well as thousands of founders, employees, Salesforce users and more. See our pitch and learn more about Grapevine6 at the Beanfield Centre in Toronto on May 3rd. You can also get started on the platform today.
Create value, not clutter
With Grapevine6, find the right leads and open the right doors by sharing content that's personally valuable to your audience. Our artificial intelligence does all the work, and you deliver the value. Just a few minutes a week and a few taps on your smart phone. Build value, build trust, build revenue.

Now, it's personal
With Grapevine6, get a personalized digital selling tool that finds powerful content for your customers, then makes it easy to share, one-to-one or one-to-many. Now, make every touchpoint valuable for your audience – and for your business.

Stand out from the crowd
It pays to be different, especially when that difference creates value for customers and your business. With Grapevine6, connect with confidence and create conversations that go deep and get attention – online, on mobile or in person. Grapevine6 … not just your ordinary digital tool.

Talk is cheap. Make it count.
Your customers already get hundreds of useless messages every day. They need content they can actually use. With Grapevine6, share timely, relevant, reliable content, custom-fit to your audience. With just a few minutes a week, you can cut through the noise and start conversations that add more value. More value, more customers, more revenue.

Start sales conversations that count
Grapevine6 delivers the content you need to engage your prospects and clients.