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Grapevine6 delivers the content you need to engage your prospects and clients. What you say says a lot about you - say the right things with Grapevine6. Try the free individual version to chart your brand and find content to post or contact us for a demo of Grapevine6 for enterprise.

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How It Works

Digital content and social media have changed the game in sales and marketing

  • The buyer’s journey has changed - corporate and personal brands must work harder to engage their audiences at every stage of the funnel or risk losing buyers they never knew
  • Content is the new currency for attracting buyers but it must be relevant and valuable
  • Who’s buying your brand? Your brand needs to compete to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, attract top talent, and foster valuable partnerships

Don’t waste time searching, let the content find you

  • You need more brand-relevant quality content then you can create, Grapevine6 delivers it to you
  • Grapevine6 compliments and supplements original content creation so you’ll never be stuck with nothing to say
  • Publishing is easy with our app and web solutions, including automated optimized scheduling

Engage your audiences wherever they are with the best content

  • We read the best of the web so you don’t have to - over 30,000 articles added every night from 6,000 curated sources
  • Thousands of engagements created - content posted using Grapevine6 is read!
  • Publish to your primary channels in one touch! We support LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Web

Build Your Personal Brand with Grapevine6

Visualize and Monitor Your Brand

  • Automated analysis of your social profiles and posts
  • Connects to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Updates as you post

Control Your Brand

  • Add and remove interests
  • Set importance to prioritize content
  • Control Professional and Personal content recommendations

Post Relevant Content

  • 1-touch posting with optimized scheduling
  • Set default networks by content type
  • Schedule a week of posts in 15-minutes

Who it Helps - Which Enterprises use Grapevine6?

Starting out

Start with a curated stream of personally relevant content from Grapevine6.

Congratulations on embracing the new reality! Now how do you know what to write? Grapevine6 analyzes your personal brand to stream relevant content you can post in one touch. Grapevine6 automatically schedules posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at the optimal times.

Key Features

  • Automated Brand Analysis - Web and text
  • Curated Stream of Relevant 3rd party content
  • Post to web with simple widgets

A social brand

Stop searching for content to post and get a stream of on-brand content you can easily control.

Writing, curating and distributing relevant content building your brand but it’s taking over your marketing organization. What if brand-relevant content could just find you? Grapevine6 analyzes your corporate brand to stream relevant content to you on demand.

Key Features

  • Brand Insight Engine - Social and Web
  • Curated Stream of Relevant 3rd party content
  • Customized library of 1st party corporate content

A social enabler

To drive adoption of your advocacy program you need to answer the question, what’s in it for your employees?

You recognize employee brands are the front-line to engage with new talent, customers and partners but how can you make this efficient and controlled at scale? When every employee is a brand, curating relevant content is next to impossible. You need an app that personalizes the experience to the employee so they can engage their target audience with relevant content. By enabling employees to build their personal brand we answer the question - what’s in it for your employees?

Key Features

  • Employee Brand Analysis and Control to drive adoption
  • Content Controls to ensure brand compliance
  • Access Peer-to-Peer Networks with Corporate Content Distribution to amplify marketing efforts
  • Post to company pages in Facebook and LinkedIn (if applicable) to further brand building

A social selling organization

Training is not enough, you need to provide your sales team with tools to build valuable relationships

Using social media for sales means more than engaging your audience. Your salespeople need highly targeted content to nurture their relationships with prospects and find new ones to fill the funnel. Grapevine6 has created a suite of complimentary apps for salespeople that move the needle on social selling.

Key Features

  • Targeted interest analysis for your top contacts
  • News briefing
  • New prospects in the news


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